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  • Loose Currency Counter - 2900

    Mycica loose note counters can count up to 100 notes in just 6 seconds. It makes your work easier, eliminates human error and creates time savings.
  • Manual Value Counter - 2050

    It has a convenient calculator function that allows you to select the denomination you are counting so it can calculate the total value of your banknotes. No manual calculations, no time wasted.
  • Mix Value Counter - 2030

    Simply place your Sorted/Unsorted banknotes on the hopper, Mix value counter 2030 will display the total value & quantity counted and also report the total value & quantity counted per denomination.
  • Loose Currency Counter - 2820

    Forget the rest, when you have the best. Designed by professional engineers, its exceptional durability, accuracy and user-friendly operation makes it a reliable banknote counter.
  • Multi Currency Value Counter - L700

    Ultimate professional-grade banknote counter. Superior authentication and denomination verification using Hi-Speed Dual CIS Sensor.
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"Mycica" a leading brand in developing advanced technologies and equipment for counting, imaging and authenticating currency.

For more than 20 years, we have provided technology such as bill counters, counterfeit money detectors and sorters. In doing so we offer COST-EFFECTIVE solutions to business owners and organizaions, making their work easier, eliminating human error and creating time savings. Mycica cash handling machines count quicker and more accurately while detecting counterfeits. They can Add, Sort & Batch your cash. The result is your organization's cash handling process is simplified, streamlined and inexpensive. That’s why our clients realize a quick return on investment.


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