Features & Functions

  • Loose currency counter
  • Fake note detector
  • Light-weight
  • UV(Ultraviolet), MG(Magnetic) detection
  • Watermark detection
  • Newly-developed and stylish
  • With additional function
  • Counting and detecting separately
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The Mycica V10 is a compact bill counter and counterfeit detection station in one.The right side of this machine features a compact bill counter that can handle a stack of bills (200 new / 100 old) and count them at a speed of up to 600 bills per minute. This machine also includes a magnetic Detector (top of the machine), a backlit watermark light (front of machine) and a UV light (middle of machine). All together, this machine is perfect for retail environments with light to medium-volume counting and counterfeit detection needs. This is a great option for businesses on a budget.

Type Note Counting Machines
Batch Mode No
Start Manual
Add Mode Yes
Sound Error Indication No
Suitable for Suitable for most currencies
Display Type Digital
Fake Note Detection Yes (manual)
Cutting Size 11 x 4mm
Paper Capacity 100