Features & Functions

  • Can Detect and Count New ₹50, ₹200, ₹500 & ₹ 2000 notes
  • Automatic UV(ultraviolet) Counterfeit detection
  • Automatic MG (magnetic) counterfeit detection.
  • Automatic size detection half-note, double-note
  • Automatic starting, stopping and clearing
  • With batching and adding and self-examination functions.
  • Two LCD display and one LED External display.
  • Display changes to red on detection
  • Detects Pre 2005 notes.
  • Upgradable software
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Mycica 2820 Plus a Premium Note Counting Machine is for counting Notes and fake note detection. Super Model designed for heavy duty use with TWO LCD Display and One LED external display, The display color changes to Red when a fake note, cut note, pre-2005 is detected, reducing labor time,The unit is equipped with a micro-computerized mechanism that allows an accurate and high-speed money counting process -up to 1,000 Notes per minute. Moreover Mycica 2820 Plus is suitable for all currencies and has ADD and BATCH functions for fast adding up and giving exact money. It is a useful tool for supermarkets, retail locations and many other business environments where cash transactions are a daily routine..

Batch Range 1-999
Hopper Capacity 300 Pcs
Stacker Capacity 200 Pcs
Counting Display 4 Digits LCD
Batch Display 3 Digits LCD
Power supply AC110/220V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 70W
Size of Countable Note 50 x 110mm ~ 90 x 180mm
Dimensions 292 x 246 x 178mm
Net Weight 6.5kg
Gross Weight 15kgs
Packing 605 x 395 x 250mm(2pcs)