Features & Functions

  • Can Detect and Count New ₹50, ₹200, ₹500 & ₹ 2000 notes
  • Advanced Technology To Detect Superfake Notes In All The denomination
  • Through MG, UV & IR Technology
  • Can sort out old Notes (Pre 2005 Notes) And New Notes
  • High Quality Touch Screen Panel
  • Sound Alert and Error Code On Detecting Fake Notes
  • Top Cover Opening Option To Clean Dust On Sensors
  • Emergency Stop Option
  • Half Note, Double Note and Chain Note Detections
  • Batch And Adding Function
  • Software Upgrade Option
  • Two LCD Displays
  • External LED Display
  • Display changes to RED on detection
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Mycica HX600 Premium Note Counting Machine is for counting notes and fake note detection. Super Model designed for heavy duty use with LCD Display. The display color changes to Red when a chained notes, double notes, jammed banknotes, half note ,counterfeit notes, pre-2005 Notes are detected,Another unique feature is the Emergency stop button which is helpful when an object is fed into the machine by error (example: cloth). It also stops when a cross note is fed or if the notes are not kept properly. The model has a heavy duty motor and can count seamlessly under with zero error under heavy loads. The display panel has Feather Touch Buttons.

Counting Speed 1000PC/MIN
Hopper Capacity 300 Pcs
Stacker Capacity 200 Pcs
Note Size 500-110 /90-190MM
Bank Note Thickness 0.075-0.15MM
Net Weight 6.5kg
Power supply AC110/220V, 50/60Hz