Features & Functions

  • Can Detect and Count New ₹500 & ₹2000 notes
  • Mix Value Counting and Denomination Checking using Specialized IR Sensors
  • Counterfeit note detection using Ultraviolet, Magnetism & IR test
  • Total Value Accumulation & Denomination Detection.
  • Sort option
  • “Change in display colour to red when chained notes, double notes, jammed bank notes, half note, counterfeit note are detected”
  • LCD Display on the machine and Additional External LED Display
  • Detects Counterfeit & Pre 2005 notes
  • Display changes to red on detection
  • Upgradable software
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2030 is a heavy duty premium Value Counter which can sort, detect counterfiet notes, detect denomination of currency notes and accumlate the total value of currency. It uses advanced technology like UV, MG, 3D & IR to detect fake currency notes. This machine comes with a very useful feature of sorting, where it sort outs different denomination note, when the counted bill is different from the first counted note. It is a useful tool for supermarkets, retail locations and many other business environments where cash transactions are a daily routine.

Counting speed 1000pcs/min
Counting Display 4 digits LCD
Batch Range 1-999
Hopper capacity 300 pcs
Stacker capacity 200 pcs
Power Requirement AC 110/220V,50/60 Hz
Net Weight 7.5 kgs
Work temperature 20℃